• Anti-baterial stainless steel massage table

    Anti-baterial stainless steel massage table

    Specification: 1900 x600x650mm

    Flame retardant, yellow resistance mildew resistance, bending resistance, 100,000 times wear resistance.Process epoxy painting, ASTM testing anti-baterial, paint thickness 0.12mm, brightness 60°, paint can resist 50kg impact

    With pillow

    Suitable for beauty salon, massage, tattoo, spa, dentist clinic, health therapy
    a comfortable and warm tactile enjoyment for massage and health.

    It can integrate beauty, massage and massage therapy.

    The bed is full and strong, the appearance design is simple, calm and generous. Bring you Reinforced welding, fine workmanship, strong and durable.

    Tube wall: Reinforce the thicker tube wall to make the massage bed more stable.

    Mattress: thicker mattress, high-density rebound sponge, will not collapse or deform.